First Steps

– Out From The Fog –

The process of separating can seem overwhelming. Clients have often described it to Barbara as “being in a fog” without knowing which way to turn. The best route out of “the fog” is to take one step at a time, as you navigate the process of making decisions about your family and finances, with a view to building a new and vibrant future:

  1. Seek Expert Legal Advice

    The family law lawyer you choose will work closely with you throughout the separation process, so he or she should be a “good fit” for you. Many clients interview several lawyers before retaining (hiring) a lawyer. Be careful what you hear from others or read online about separation and how cases have been resolved; your case is unique, as will be the resolution of the issues arising out of your own separation.

  2. Think About Parenting

    Consider decision making and time-sharing schedules for your children. You might also consider, with your lawyer’s assistance, whether an experienced family law parenting professional should be involved, to assist with residential scheduling and other parenting issues.

  3. Think About Financial Arrangements

    Create a preliminary list showing what you earn, what you own and your debts. You can also review your current budget as a first step towards working out your new post-separation budget. Consider what might happen with your home both in the short and long term. Your lawyer can assist you and make recommendations about family law financial professionals who might help with the financial issues arising out of your separation.

  4. Consider Emotional Support

    You may wish to seek the assistance of a mental health professional to support you through this very significant transition.


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